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Bitcoin Code – Alle Pros und Cons zu dem Anbieter

If you want to invest money and expect a decent return, you have few alternatives in view of low interest rates. The Bitcoin trade offers investors high chances of profit. Contrary to the opinion of some, the boom is far from over. Quite a few investors have become millionaires by trading crypto-currencies. Just now there are favourable entry opportunities again.

Investors should, however, find out exactly where they invest their money. Unfortunately, there are still many dubious traders in the crypto-currency trade who charge excessive fees and cheat their customers. We have taken a close look at Bitcoin Code and the Bitcoin Taxes Discount Code and present the advantages and disadvantages of the provider here.

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The facts about Bitcoin Code summarized

  • Free demo account
  • clear and easy to use trading platform from Trade Fintech
  • Free software for automatic crypto trading
  • Above-average return opportunities even if prices fall
  • Competitive fees)
  • Fast payouts without fees
  • Easily accessible German-speaking customer service

Register with Bitcoin Code and start – Here’s how it works:

To register with Bitcoin Code, personal data, including telephone number and e-mail address, must first be entered in the registration form. In addition, a user name and password must be specified for subsequent login to the account.

After this, a deposit of at least 250 euros is required to activate the account with all functions for Bitcoin trading. The deposit can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

The next step is to download the software with the Bitcoin source code for accessing the trading platform and for automatic trading. A download to a mobile phone for mobile trading is also possible. Those who want to practice before trading with real money can use the free demo account.

  • Filling in the registration form with personal data, e-mail address and telephone number.
  • Setting of user name and personal password.
  • Deposit of at least 250 euros by credit card or bank transfer.
  • Download of the trading software
  • Getting started with Bitcoin trading

Tip: Watch the instruction video before you start!

Currently there are favourable entry opportunities

Currently, there are particularly favorable entry opportunities for trading Bitcoins and other crypto currencies. When the share price was already above the 15,000 Euro mark towards the end of 2017, many investors became millionaires practically overnight.

It is understandable that many took their profits with them, so that the price of Bitcoin and in its slipstream also that of other crypto currencies has fallen again. However, the current low price offers a particularly good opportunity to buy Bitcoins again right now.

In addition, with Bitcoin Code’s software, investors can profit regardless of whether the price rises or falls. Bitcoin Code’s automatic trading algorithm monitors the market 24 hours a day and identifies the optimal entry and exit points. Investors therefore need do nothing more than download the program and invest. With Bitcoin Code you can sit back and relax and still participate in the good profit opportunities.

What Bitcoin Code specifically offers

Bitcoin Code offers its customers a trading platform for trading crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or Dash. In total, about 50 different currency pairs are available for trading. The rates are all displayed in real money.

The trading platform also contains various pre-installed tools and indicators for chart technical analysis. This allows you to identify optimal entry and exit signals for trading positions. The software can be downloaded from a mobile phone using the Bitcoin QR Code. Investors can decide for themselves whether they want to use the software for automatic Bitcoin trading or prefer to trade themselves.

Incidentally, algorithms for automatic trading are not only used for Bitcoin Code. Almost all major banks, hedge funds and investment houses rely on computer-aided trading systems. On average, significantly better returns are achieved with them. The reason is that the software monitors the markets 24 hours a day to identify suitable entry and exit signals. Furthermore, the trading software can act much faster than humans. These are advantages that investors should not miss out on.

For questions or problems, traders can always contact customer service via live chat or by phone.

Mit automatischem Bitcoin-handel bessere Renditen erzielen

Set realistic goals

If you start trading crypto currencies like Bitcoin, you should set yourself realistic goals. If you think that you can become a millionaire overnight with just a few euros invested, you are wrong. Even ripped-off stock exchange professionals on Wall Street started out small and many of them had to learn the hard way in the beginning. It is important that only the money that is not immediately needed for living or settling bills is used.

Furthermore, it is a matter of acting successfully in the long term. Not every trade is successful. However, in the long term, the profits must be higher than the losses. Investors should therefore never put all their eggs in one basket and use all the capital available for investment in a single trade. The 2% rule, for example, has proven its worth.

If you always use only 2% of your capital in a trade, you would have to be 50 times off target to bring your account to zero. That’s almost impossible. If you also follow the basic rule of risk management and conclude every trade with a stop loss as an order supplement, you will also reduce your risk of loss considerably once again.

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A little courage is nevertheless required. A typical beginner’s mistake, for example, is to place stop losses much too close to the entry level. This often leads to a much too early stop loss, even though the trade would have gone well.

Traders are therefore advised to keep a trading diary from the beginning, ideally in an Excel spreadsheet, and to record each individual trade. This will help to identify mistakes later on and improve your personal trading strategy.

Experience with Bitcoin Code

The experience with Bitcoin code so far has been very positive. Of course, no money is given away with Bitcoin Code either. On the stock exchanges it goes up and down. However, this is not a problem for members of Bitcoin Code, since falling prices can also be speculated on.

The selection of currency pairs offered by Bitcoin Code is more than sufficient. The trading platform is very clearly structured and easy to use. Those who wish can first use the free demo account and practice trading crypto currencies without any obligation.

For investors who decide that they prefer to trade on their own, various tools are available for chart analysis.

On the other hand, if you use the software for automatic trading, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Deposits are immediately credited to the account with Bitcoin Code.

Withdrawals are also processed immediately, so that investors can dispose of their winnings within 48 hours. A good thing is that credit cards can also be used for deposits.

However, before the first payment is made, the obligatory verification by means of a personal document must be carried out. Payment can only be made to the credit card with which the deposit was made. Bank transfers are also possible. Unfortunately Paypal is not yet offered as a payment method.

Of course, the service at Bitcoin Code is not free. For each trade, fees must be paid to Bitcoin Code in the form of a spread. Compared to other providers, however, the spreads are extremely moderate.

For questions or problems, traders can contact Bitcoin Code’s customer service around the clock, seven days a week. In the Bitcoin Code test, someone was present in the live chat after only half a minute. The questions asked were answered competently and professionally.

Is Bitcoin Code serious?

Anyone starting a Bitcoin trade wants to make sure that they are registered with a reputable online broker in any case. Deposits and withdrawals must work smoothly. No excessive fees should be charged. The trading platform must be stable and easy to use. In our opinion, Bitcoin Code does all this.

There is no evidence that Bitcoin code is fraudulent. On the contrary, the customer experience to date has mostly been very good. The software for the trading platform is stable and secure. Nevertheless, we would like to take this opportunity to ask you to report to us if negative experiences have been made with the provider. We will investigate this in any case and take this into account in our experience report.

It should be noted, however, that even Bitcoin Code cannot guarantee winnings. Euphoric advertising statements should therefore be accepted with composure. The trading strategy should therefore be long-term. In principle, every trade should be secured with a stop loss and never use all the capital at once.

Our conclusion about Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code provides investors with a trading platform for entering into trading with Bitcoin and many other crypto currencies. Registration is easy and completed in just a few steps. The minimum deposit is 250 euros and can be made practically by credit card. Bank transfers are also possible. However, PayPal is not available.

Withdrawals are processed within 48 hours and are therefore expeditious. The trading platform is very clearly arranged and can be handled very well even by newcomers to trading. A Bitcoin Code App for mobile trading is also available. Installation is possible via the Bitcoin QR Code Generator.

In the test, Trade Fintech’s trading platform proved to be stable and reliable. Various tools and indicators are available for chart analysis, so that entry and exit signals can be easily identified. The trading software with the algorithm for automatic trading has achieved very good results so far. It can analyze the markets much faster and trigger orders at lightning speed when a good entry opportunity arises.

For questions or problems, traders can always contact customer service by phone or live chat. Based on past experience, the support staff are customer-friendly and competent.

Risk note

Bitcoin trading offers investors great profit opportunities. But there are also risks. Those who start trading should only bet money that they are prepared to lose in case of doubt. Not every trade is successful. Therefore it is important that investors set themselves realistic goals and follow the basic rules of risk and money management. This includes that every trade is secured by a stop loss order. Furthermore, never put all your capital into a single trade.

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